Hello! My name is Vishnevsky Stanislav and I am from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, we have prepared and delivered meals to hundreds of elderly residents of Kharkiv who are unable to leave their homes due to the constant threat of shelling by Russian forces. While we have been able to help many of Kharkiv's elderly, there are many more in need. If you are able, please help me feed our most vulnerable citizens. Even a couple of dollars can go a long way!

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Vishnevskiy Stanislav

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Smile! Because with your donation, you have ensured that some of Kharkiv's neediest citizens won't go hungry!

What they say about me

Hello! My name is Dasha. (dasheroni2012@gmail.com) I spent my childhood in Kharkiv but now I live in Canada. I have decided to help Stas as soon as I saw his repost on my friend's feed. He spent his savings helping feed the needy. My friend knew him, she trusted him. I already knew that getting humanitarian aid to elderly would be complicated. Distribution centers are difficult to get to and standing in line for hours might not be possible at all for some. It grew even more complicated when some neighborhoods were not safe for international organizations to go into (but Stas did, risking his life)I have a special place in my heart for seniors, for people who were born and were kids during WW2 or shortly after. Trauma infused their early life. And now this?!?! Most could not be evacuated. The journey too difficult for their health and frightening. Enter Stas and his kitchen and his connections to other volunteers! He works every day, he delivers groceries and medicine, and now also prepares meals to those seniors who lost their homes. All of our donations are accounted for- I get reports every day (even though I keep saying he doesn't have to). My friend's kid donated his birthday money so Stas bought toys and special snacks for the children's ward in a hospital. One of the stories that was just miraculous is that my cousin's Grandparents are still in Kharkiv. We have tried to help them leave but for various reasons they just don't want to. We have now more understanding why people stay so makes us want to help more. The grandparents were also sort of distrusting of various volunteers or international organizations. Eventually we convinced them to call Stas. Within a day they got what they needed, Granma gathered some more seniors in her building for groceries AND in a city of 1.5 million, we discovered that Stas's operation/kitchen is in the same neighborhood as the grandparents! Talk about a miracle. So, I am asking to keep this going! Gas is difficult to get. Groceries tough to find. Buildings are destroyed and people will need food for a while. Not a box that arrives in a month. Now. So Stas hustles. HELP STAS FEED PEOPLE TODAY!

Thank you very much!

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